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Focus on Foxy: Food Swaps

If you're like us, that whole "New Year, New Me" thing can be a little intimidating. Being a plus sized girl means that people make a lot of assumptions about you, your weight, your diet and your exercise habits. To clarify, once and for all, my day is made up of chasing kids, trying to... Continue Reading →

Gifts to Buy For a Plus-Size Lady

I have been big all my life. I've always had more curves than other people in my family. As a result, this made opening Christmas gifts a little uncomfortable sometimes. The things that my grandparents or parents would buy for my cousins or sister never really look quite right on me. As I got older,... Continue Reading →


Today is National Entrepreneur Day. Some people tell you that an entrepreneur is someone who will work 18 hours to avoid working 8 hours for someone else. In fact, most days that is the case. Long hours, stress, worry, not sure if you made the right decision, and dreams bigger than your head and heart... Continue Reading →

Dressing for your Shape: Apple

One of the most frustrating body shapes to dress can the Apple-shaped woman.  This is mainly because clothes are made for those with narrow waistlines and wide hips. We understand and here to help! You are going to want to add shape to the hips and bustline, drawing attention away from the waistline. First, let's talk... Continue Reading →

Dressing for your Shape: Inverted Triangle

You know you are rocking out the Inverted Triangle body shape when your tops are bigger than your bottoms.  Women will have broad shoulders, slim to no hips and small definition in the waist.  Other characteristics of the Inverted Triangle include baller legs, small or flat bottoms, and a squared shoulder line We know it may seem like this... Continue Reading →

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